Training Aids and Equipment Store

Over the years we have been asked countless times where we get our toy and equipment. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to have a one stop shop available to coaches for everything we use from the portable sound system to all of the training aids we use and standard equipment that we think is a good value! We do not stock any of these items but these links go straight through to the companies we do business with. We just get a small cut of any sales made that have clicked through from our site – you pay exactly the same price as going direct to them while supporting us 🙂

This Sony Bluetooth system puts out huge sound for its size and comes in well under $200. We believe in having energetic house music in the background when we train – Our kids and coaches LOVE it!

Our most asked about item, these are the sand balls we use for our throwing program. For most high school/college players, we use the yellow 14oz ball. Go lighter for younger players and slender body types.


This is the best price we could find on the Baden Perfection official high school game balls. They are running on Amazon for $44.99 a piece with free shipping if you are amazon prime!

Do NOT go cheap on protection for your I-Pad, especially with balls flying around…I just had my I-Pad knocked off my tripod to the floor with no damage at all due to this case. Totally Worth the $50!

We use a bigger and heavier tripod than is needed so that balls flying around don’t knock it over as easily. This one still folds up small and comes in under $40 – which totally worth it to protect that I-Pad!

Grafiti Nootle makes the best mounts for I-pads and they are reasonable priced under $20. I’d advise buying 2 as volleyballs do tend to hit them and you’ll want to have a back up on hand!

These are the med balls we use for setter training in addition to fitness work. Good grip and will bounce a bit on a gym floor without hurting it. For setting drills (video coming soon) we use 4,6, and 8 LB balls.

We use this type of hurdle at almost every training (drill vids coming soon) They run about $6 a piece and I normally buy them in blocks for 3. These are 6 inch but you can go as high as 9 for our purposes.

No this is NOT a game ball, but it’s an AMAZING value as a practice ball. For under $15 a piece you get a great quality composite practice ball. Perfect for bulking up your practice ball stock!

This is the 6 inch riser step we use for “rebound swing” hitting drills (upcoming drill video!) It’s also very useful for quick feet and “push up-walk up” type exercises in your conditioning programs.

This is the best floor tape I’ve found that doesn’t pull up the finish and doesn’t flake when stepped on when pulled up. It all comes up smooth and in one piece yet is easy to tear without a knife or scissors.

These are the balance pods we use for passing stability drills. At $15 a pair, these are a nice addition to your bag of passing drills and are great for conditioning (ankle work/squat instability) as well!