Recruit Advising

Honest, unbiased evaluations and advice from coaches who have been on both sides of the recruiting game!

Eval-U is the recruit evaluation and consulting division of Innovation Volleyball.  It is NOT a traditional recruiting service that represents athletes and tries to get them connected to colleges. There are plenty of good companies that already do that, and it is easy to do for yourself if you have the proper guidance. What we offer to athletes and their families is unbiased assessments of prospects, strategic advice on the recruiting process itself, and simple skills video production in a format that college coaches will appreciate.  What we offer college coaches is the chance to have an extra set of eyes forming opinions of prospects for you.  We also consult on your entire recruiting operation including budget, strategy, niche targeting, and communication plans.


For Current College Prospect and Families (or club directors looking for these services!)


Assessment: Many families are looking for an honest assessment of their daughter’s abilities and college potential from someone who knows what they are talking about who doesn’t have an ongoing profit motive playing into it.  We are not looking to represent you, we just offer our observations about what we see in terms of level of college you should be looking at and what areas could be improved to maximize potential.  Because we are not trying to sign you to a representation contract, we can remain neutral and not be tempted to tell you just what you want to hear.  We will come to a practice or match or add this service on to an individual lesson, and then produce a full-page report on what we see.


Family Recruit Consulting: We will sit down with you for an hour and go through the process, the rules, the timelines, and the strategies to best position your athlete for a successful college search.  Normally one session is enough to get you on your way to understanding and owning your own recruiting process, but we also do follow up sessions if desired.


Skills Video Production: This is such a key to getting your name on a college coach’s watch list, and yet it is so poorly understood and executed. For the cost of a couple of individual lessons, we will produce a simple, edited skills video that shows a college coach what they want to see in a concise format that they appreciate.



For College Coaches


Prospect Assessment: Can’t make it to a tournament to see a few prospects?  Don’t want to spend $1000+ dollars to travel to a qualifier to see 3 or 4 kids you aren’t really sure of?  Eval-U will have a presence at many major club tournaments in the Midwest and will be available to watch athletes for you and give you honest assessments on their potential to help your program.  With nearly 10 years of recruiting experience and a great eye for talent and fit, we can save you a ton of time and money helping you pare down your prospect lists!


Recruiting Operations and Strategy Consulting: In his nearly 10 years of recruiting at the college level, Coach Mattera built a reputation as a tireless and effective recruiter building networks and contacts in the club and high school communities.  In 5 recruiting class at his last college stop, he brought in players from 13 states including numerous players who had offers from NCAA D1 and D2 schools. He has also been on the other side as a high school and club coach, allowing him to have a unique understanding of the recruiting process from all angles. Now he is available to come to your school or conference with you via phone or skype to go over your recruiting strategy and processes and offer observations and advice as to how you can enhance this vital part of your program!