Current Weekly Open Clinics

Updated on December 18th, 2018 - Check Back Often


Our current clinic sessions are designed to offer college prep level training for high school athletes. We do allow some 8th graders, but they must have some experience and come with the understanding that the level and pace will be quite challenging. We coach to the level of the best players in the gym, several of whom are already committed to play in college and we won’t slow it down.


The clinics last for 3 hours with the first hour being setting, the second hour being back row play, and the third hour being front row play. The cost is $15 per hour and players can come to whichever hours appeal to them. It should be noted that we encourage ALL players, even if they are primarily a setter or front row player, to do the back row session as well. Everyone at the next level needs to be able to pass and defend!

Each week Coach Mattera sends out an email to everyone on our invite list asking for RSVP’s from anyone who plans on coming. We do accept walk-ins, but it really aids in session planning and lets us know how many coaches we will need to keep our player to coach ratio under 6-1.

Click here to be added to our invite list or email Coach Mattera directly at


 When: Sunday, December 23rd and Sunday, December 30th
Grand Island – Heartland Lutheran High School
Schedule: 6:00 Setters, 7:00 Back Row, 8:00 Front Row

Please RSVP Via Email: 

Open clinics are open to players from ANY school regardless of where the clinic is being held. We do offer private clinics for schools also but won’t post them as being open!