Our Philosophies

Here are some basics about who we are...

Why We Exist

  • To provide top quality, college level training to all players regardless of club affiliation or with no club affiliation at all.
  • To offer honest and unbiased advice and consulting to coaches and to families about skills, strategy, development, and college recruiting.
  • To grow the game and the level of training in under served communities and populations such as;
    • Families with kids who are involved in multiple sports and school activities
    • Areas that are removed from the big city clubs
    • Inner cities where the costs of volleyball are prohibitive to participation

Gym and Program Culture

We believe very strongly in the importance of the culture of an organization. At Innovation Volleyball we believe in some simple values that should permeate everything we do from the programs we offer, to the way we treat each other, to the feel that people experience when they walk in our gym.

  • Trust: It is our job to build the trust of all who work with us. We are truly in this for the good of the athletes and families that we work with, but we need to prove that, not just say it. Trust is vital in this kind of business not only to build word of mouth marketing, but because it makes this kind of work so rewarding. It also allows us to really hone in on our next value…
  • Honesty: Too often in the youth sports world, families are told what they want to hear in an effort to at best, not offend anyone or at worst, milk them for more money. We will always be upfront and transparent in our evaluations, our coaching, and in our interactions with parents and partners. If the truth is harsh, we will deliver it in a loving way, relying on the trust that we have built.
  • Energy: Volleyball is supposed to be FUN and we want our service to be full of sweat and laughter. Yes, we will push hard in our training, but if it’s not enjoyable, why do it?
  • Positivity: Task master coaching and negative reinforcement can produce results, but at what cost? We will push our athletes and no we are not all puppy dogs, sunshine and ice cream cones in our sessions. That being said, our coaches compliment as much as they correct and encourage through challenge.
  • Collaboration: We are not here to compete with anyone whether it be clubs, schools, recruiting services, or other coaches. On the contrary, we hope to be a resource for everyone in the volleyball community and hope to work directly with other coaches to best serve the athletes. We also want to be there with education and advice for coaches and look forward to collaborating with everyone in this wonderful volleyball community.