Individual or Small Group Lessons

High Energy, Positive, Skill Development From Experienced Coaches


Coach Mattera has been doing lessons for volleyball players for nearly 20 years and is known for not only highly technical instruction but for making it a fun and confidence building experience. To set up a time with him or any of the Innovation staff, please email him directly at


  • Sessions are priced by the hour and that’s the length we suggest, but they can be extended and prorated to 90 minutes.
    • Individual Session: $65
    • Small Group: $75
    • We give a $15 dollar discount if you provide the gym as it saves us the court rental fee.
    • We are absolutely willing to travel but there is a $10 per hour travel fee for anything beyond the first half hour from Lincoln.
  • All Sessions include a position specific, mobility based warm up (5 mins), skills work (50 mins), and a warm down (5 mins). We also try to focus on giving exercises and movements that they can do on their own before they come back for another session!
  • Small groups must be approved by the coach giving the lesson to make sure that the needs of the player are compatible. For example, it’s really hard to plan a session if your group is a middle and a libero unless the middle doesn’t mind working on passing and the libero can hit some or set a bit while the middle is doing her thing!


“Coach Mattera really creates a fun and competitive environment where athletes have the freedom to be themselves and be challenged to get better everyday. He has a method behind all of his training; there is research, statistics, articles, etc. to back up the techniques and systems he teaches.”

– Alex LaPlant