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Innovation Volleyball will be taking a break for the fall season as Coach Mattera has accepted a coaching position with Bellevue University. We may still have some limited availability for lessons, recruit consulting, and high school coach consulting though, so please feel free to email us if you are interested!

Also stay tuned to the Innovation Volleyball Blog as I will be taking several trips to various campuses to observe practice and pick the braind of some of the best college volleyball coaches in the country. I am so excited for these journeys this fall and I look forward to sharing with everyone what I learn!

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Video of the Week

Setting – Partner Quicks: A fun setting drill to get setters lots of reps on quicks, isolating those wrists. Sometimes young setters struggle to control the short set as they want to do too much with it. The jump reps force them to separate the jump from the force of the set – very valuable concept!